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Nerospec Tactical is a Nerospec group company and specializes in the development of military, security and police smart equipment. We apply the latest technologies that can enhance the safety and increase the overall effectiveness of deployed units with our unique offering that allows for remote monitoring and asset management to name a few.

We are also the proud developers of the IRIS system…

IRIS Gun Tracking 

IRIS is a revolutionary multi-technology weapon tracking system that was developed to assist in the management and real time location of firearms.

The design philosophy behind IRIS was to enhance the user tactical advantage while fitting in with the pre-existing routines and procedures with minimum disruption.

IRIS Design Philosophy

IRIS to the naked eye looks like a modern unique tactical flash light but offers advanced features. This not only holds true for the technology used but the 3-tier package offering allowing customers to select the package that best suits their application and budget. Nerospec believes that a system designed around the user is the best way to successfully sustain a balance between real life operations and technology. This is evident in the technology used.

IRIS allows for detailed real time event logs capturing data such as:

The proprietary shot recognition algorithm allows for the optimal balance between battery life nd operation

IRIS encapsulates the latest IoT Technologies

IRIS encapsulates the latest IoT Technologies with the ability to leverage of wide area low power networks which can transmit over 20km and the latest state of the art GPS technology to ensure extended battery life for the user. With redundant radio connectivity, Solid State Memory and concurrent GNSS receiver, IRIS allows for detailed event logs capturing data like; shots fired, location of shots fired, and direction of shots fired as a standard.

Advanced features like automatic theft alert, Man-down detection and Panic button is also available on request.

The proprietary shot recognition algorithm allows for the optimal balance between battery life and operation while offering a High bright LED with three unique operation modes that rivals other leading brands of tactical flash light accessories.

IRIS features a tamper resistant mounting system that fits all MIL-STD-1913 compliant picatinny mounting rails.

IRIS Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is made from high-grade aluminium and body from a proprietary military grade polymer, this all comes in at under 100g in weight and does not affect reaction time and accuracy when seconds count. Nerospec Tactical is planning on releasing the rifle adapter that will allow the same functionality as the IRIS but with the extend cord for ease of use.

The IHS (Intelligent Holster System) will be available as an accessory to further enhance the ease of use and will be made available for popular gun brands where IRIS is desired. These holsters are manufactured from high durable Kydex plastic guaranteed to resist the highest level of wear.


The software suite offered with IRIS allows for the management and ease of maintenance of large staff deployments, with automatic device heartbeat, battery status reporting and intuitive geofence alert capabilities the VIGILANCE software allows for a seamless operation. Available as server-based application and mobile application the VIGILANCE software sets you free to monitor the movement and incident reports from almost anywhere.

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